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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Quantum of Solace

Ok, did anyone else have a problem with this member of the James Bond Franchise?

The story was ok...some have been worse..I mean did anyone actually like "Die Another Day" (except for Halle Berry of course)
and did everyone not love the Casino Royale remake?

Now let me qualify things..I LOVE Daniel Craig as the new choice for James Bond. The criticism I have is in how the movie was put together..

Well this one has a reasonably good story, but two conspicuously missing elements push this movie into the category of "once is enough". What are the missing elements?
Theme Song
Opening Sequence

This move has an opening car chase that is boring and too too long. What a cop out. Cars..the demise of "The Matrix Reloaded". The only car chase scene that I've EVER enjoyed in a film was in the remake of The Italian Job with Mark Wahlberg Carleze Theron and Donald Sutherland and that was because every single element of it played into the whole plan/dance of the heist. This one is gratuitous and long.

You know, I will go along with almost any Bond movie plot..weak ones, marginal ones wonderful ones..IF and only IF you give me an engaging opening sequence AND a great and catchy theme. Now we all know that the great Shirley Bassey is hard to beat as the voice of James Bond but Paul McCartney has done it, so has Sheena Easton and even Duran Duran. We KNOW that Alicia Keys is an amazing and gifted musician, composer and arranger..so what happened?

It's sad that this edition of the Bond franchise will not be joining the timeless list.. maybe next time...


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