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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Well I've not felt so ambiguous about a film in a long long time.

Wonderful performances were given by Sam L. Jackson and Marianne Moore, but this does not save the film from wishy washy oblivion.

The flaws of this film are many..first..character development for Lorenzo Counsel (Jackson) is incomplete. There are vague references to recovery from drug addiction, a dead son, another son in prison. The missing chunks are integral to really grasping the connection between himself and Brenda Miller (Moore). Miller is flawed because we are presented with a mentally damaged woman, but no exposition as to why. (she engages in self damaging behaviors - hits herself etc)

Perhaps the worst of the flaws was that the film makers, it seems could not figure out where or how to end the film.

This is unfortunate.. because the subtext of the film is that racism is alive and well in this country and being perpetuated by law enforcement and this important subtext is lost in the cloudiness of the film.

not a good view, I don't even recomment it for DVD

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