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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hi there!

I just got back from seeing Defiance. With Liev Schreiber, Jamie Bell, and Daniel Craig.

First I confess I really enjoy war films in general, and WWII films in particular. This one is the story of the Bielski brothers who, after watching their family murdered by Polish police paid by the German Nazi's to hunt Jews, find themselves the guardian/protectors of a group of 1200 Jewish refugees.

They hid in the forests of Belarussia for almost 3 years, joined Russian resistance fighters, and created community in a time of fragmentation, chaos and terror. A memorable quote "just because the German's hunt us like rabbits, doesn't mean we become animals".

The only criticism I have for this film...and I have the same criticism for most films these days..is that the compositors these days thing that they must fill EVERY inch of the frame for a scene to have value. My suggestion: go to film school and learn how to compose a frame! There are reasons why we don't fill the whole frame: we can't see it! THe battle scenes are TOO busy! It is difficult to track the action because it is splashed across the whole screen. It is almost impossible to watch. The rest of the film is well framed and well staged. There are one or two incidents where accents peek thru but this does not impact the experience of the film.

All in all it was a very enriching film and I do recommend it.
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