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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Have I ever mentioned that I HATE movies that use a great idea to manipulate me about political issues?

The Day..etc. Is such a film. The Alien in the film, very well emoted by Keanu Reaves, represents a galactic group who has judged the Earth to be in need of protection..from US! And so starts the "we-humans-are-destroying-the-planet-and-all-the-plants-and-animals-on-it" morality tale.

Now I know that the original version from 1951 has the aliens as the galactic peace enforcers...which is funny..the penalty for not being peaceful is that they will destroy the world..peace under threat of violence. hmmmm

Truthfully the new version is much more positive. The Aliens are going to protect the earth by eliminating us..since we're using this lovely planet up at an alarming rate..perhaps it's a good notion to get us out of the way and give Earth time to recover it'self.

My thoughts are that the planet does not require anything of us. It is an amazing machine that will run with or without intervention from mere human beings and it's arrogance for us to think anything else. Evidence of this is in front of us who live in areas of the country with "fire seasons". It is amazing how little time it takes for new lovely green life to spring from the ashes of a forest or canyon fire.

The movie was enjoyable. The special effects very good, and inspite of feeling a bit manipulated, the content was compelling enough for me to recommend it.

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