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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Hi again..

Ok this is a sily little move..with many flaws...but I still LOVED it!

I needed to be entertained and I was entertained start to finish in a good way. The animation is very interesting...I mean how DO you make a skeleton look like its on fire and wearing bike leathers which do not consume in the fire and do in convincingly?

Yes yes there are flaws...the beginning is an endurance sport..very slow and a bit tedeous. Then there is the age difference. Johnny (Nick Cage) and Roxy (Eva Mendes) are supposed to be the same age, but once they are grown up it looks wierd to see an older guy kissin on a way younger woman. Also her costuming waaayyy to revealing in a silly way. It made you wonder if all there was to see of her was cleveage. And maybe I'm getting old..but isn't it time we quit calling men "ladies" to insult them?
Ah yes there were flaws..BUT..

Sam Elliot's appearance as the story teller and last Rider was great. How great is it that Elliot whistles for his horse to come and Cage whistles for his motorcycle? There is a great scene where they ride together across the desert, both in flames. Awesome.

So, as I said, I enjoyed the film, was thoroughly entertained and may just go see it again!

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