Lets Talk Movies

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Well its Academy Award time!

I went to see DreamGirls tonite..I was around for the Broadway version..saw it several times. I have to say that the movie did it justice. The new songs - all of which are nominated for best song if I'm not mistaken - were lovely and fleshed out the Broadway version beautifully.

Eddie Murphy is fantastic as Jimmy "Thunder" Early and Jennifer Hudson - what more can I say about her performance - amazing she looks like she's been doing this all her life.

The only shadows were film issues. Sync issues and it looked like it was shot in a low res digital format then up resed for creating the release prints..in simple terms..it looked soft, kind of like tv, certainly not like 35mm film.

With these things in mind I'm reminded of another musical that got little or no attention - Rent. It was beautifully shot, perfect technically and musically - yet no attention whatsoever. Maybe the family just didn't market it correctly I don't know.

I also wonder why DreamGirls didn't get more nominations. The only thing I can figure is that the film really makes Deena into Diana if you catch my drift. I think Hollywood didn't like that. But then who knows what Hollywood likes these days..

til next time - see you at the movies!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Well, I certainly dropped the ball didn't I?

All I can offer as excuse is Life Happened!

The fall semester was an insane 4 class load..working full time and 4 classes wiped me out..
So my movie experience was limited to one or two theatricals and lots of dvd's at home.

So, in the Theatrical area:

The Illusionist and The Prestiege

Two wonderful films about magicians. The Presteige being the darker of the two. I liked both films, but I have to say that I "enjoyed" The Illusionist more because it was everything that prestidigitation is in its purest form..misdirection at its finest. If you want to know what stage magic is all about..this is the film for you. The cinimatography was lovely..it was a pleasure to watch. The Presteige offers a stellar cast with a surprise appearance by David Bowie, but the plot of "I get you then you get me" gets old very quickly.

In the area of Independent films..

Amazing offerings: Heights and House of D

I put them together because they were Netflix deliveries..but in no way can these films be put together.

Heights involves a peek into the sordid, self indulgent world of broadway. It features an amazing performance by Glen Close as a theatre diva who IS shakespeare on the New York stage. It explores personal honesty, and the consequences that occur in dominoe effect when we are not honest about who we are. I highly recommend.

The House of D - written and directed by David Duchovny.

Just a nice film. It is a mans journey into his past. We see his child hood with his emotionally broken mother - Tia Leoni, and his best friend, a retarded man played beautifully and respectfully by Robin Williams. The story of his child hood is told, and his catharsis occurs when he returns to his childhood neighborhood as an adult. It will make you chuckle..and it will make you cry.

There, we're off to a good start!

enjoy! til next time!