Lets Talk Movies

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Well, its been a while but I finally got to see Robots. all I can give it is a rousing...OK.
Not great, but ok.

The film out (you people who know about how movies are edited and produced these days will know what that means) was too low resolution. That translated to a general blurryness of the overal look, and during the action scenes, the animation elements faded out entirely! this was sad because there is a wonderful sequence where rodney and fender are fighting over a robot part and it is designed like a dance. But unfortunately we miss it.

Also, the backgrounds are completely flat, again sad because that definitely does NOT fit into the style of the movie.

all in all I have to give Robots a B-
it should be a C but I really wanted to like it so I gave it a little extra.