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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Land of the Dead


hm, its hard to have an opinion on this film..but over all I have to say: "disappointing".

I mean it is nice to revisit our favorite walking dead. But that's about it for this film. There is no individual character to it.

There is nothing special about this one, as compared to the Dan O'Bannon version, Return of the Living Dead with its tongue firmly rooted in camp or of course compared to the venerable masterpiece, the original, Night of the Living Dead.
Who can forget the way they felt when the police, without hesitation, shoot the one survivor because he is black?
After all he'd been through, to end up dead because of generational stupidity.

As for this film, I've already forgotten it.

til next time..

Batman Begins

Hi there

Well, I'm happy! It is so good to see the "Caped Crusader" again. And to see him played by Christian Bale. WOW!

The design of the film and characters is so effective that it is easy to overlook blaring plot flaws like....
well, if I told you I'd be giving it away.

Michael Caine is terrific as Alfred, truly a wonderful cast. Gary Oldman as a good guy, he plays Sgt. Gordon..soon to be Commissioner Gordon, a good guy for once! That doesn't happen often, oh and we get to see his FACE!

Cillian Murphy is downright creepy as Dr. Jonathan Crane. And Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Batman's "M".

All have signed on for three pictures total, and I heard chit chat about remaking the first three films with Bale in cape and cowl.

I like that idea. oh, if you want to know who the next bat-villan will be, you have to see the film.

altogether a very enjoyable film


til next time

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Longest Yard


Well, I can honestly say...I LIKED IT! And I admit that I didn't want to..

What the heck happened to original concepts??? Is there no mind agile enough and no studio daring enough to actually put money into a NEW STORY???? sorry.I digress

ok, This movie has its giggles, but for the most part it tracks the orginal very very well complete with some business that involves a lightbulb. (those who have seen the original will know EXACTLY what I"m talking about and well the rest of you..I won't give it away)

so IF I must endure a remake, at least have the respect to pay proper homage to the original. This is done well and with real class in the presence of Burt Reynolds (orignated the character of Paul Crewe, now played by Adam Sandler)

The football game scenes had me going, now I"m a football fan so maybe I had an inside track

All in all..an entertaining picture, and I do recommend it.

bye for now!